El Rey Choripan - Buenos Aires

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Video shot and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina for TopThisPlace.com

El Rey is famous for Choripan in the Costanera Sur area of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We simply had to visit El Rey to find out if the hype about the great Choripan was true. How could something as simple as a sausage and bread be so widely talked about? Thanks to our local fixer Carola we found the little Chorizo heaven and chomped as much as we could in a single sitting.

El Rey takes a food like chorizo and pairs it with crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside bread to create a sandwich that most guys would fight for. If you think I am kidding then just try to take mine. To take the Choripan to an even higher level you can add various dressings such as red pepper/onion dressing, pesto style dressing or for the ultimate the undisputed king of choripan dressing called chumichurri.

As I write this article I am already craving Choripan again and it is an 11 hour flight away in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yep I should have eaten more of them while I was there.

Note: Please excuse the dirty camera lens as we had Chorizo grease popping up onto it from the grill :)

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