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Today in Katy,Tx we stopped in at No Label Brewing Company which is built inside an old rice mill that is still standing back from the days when Katy, Tx was famous for just rice. No Label Brewing holds a tasting event every Saturday which gives samples of thier finely brewed beers. The owner/head brewer Brian Royo gave us the low down on the 4 beers they had on tap for todays event.

The first of the beers I personally tried was the El Hefe Weizen a traditional German Hefeweizen. The taste of this beer is hearty with a little bit of fruity taste. To me this was a good beer, but tend to be more of a dark ale man myself so I wanted to see what the other beers tasted like that they had on tap.

I went on to try the Ridgeback which is a Dark American Amber with strong flavor of caramel and a roasted taste. It was a slightly bitter ale but was a traditional dark beer I'm use to and I loved it! Next was the Elda M. which is the Milk Stout of the bunch that was very good and is thick enough to actually stain the glass.

My Favorite: The Black Wit-O would be probably the best beer I've tasted. Brian cautioned me to go easy with this one because just like a real black widow this beer will bite you and I quickly learned it was because it drinks so light that you do not even expect it. Brian told me the alcohol by volume (ABV) is 7% which is higher than a normal beer is. Now that is my kind of brew.

My trip to No Label Brewery Co. in the words of Borat, "It was a GREAT SUCCESS!" So if your in the town of Katy, Texas stop in and visit the brewery on a Saturday for a great time at the tasting party and be sure to tell them sent you.

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